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If you need cash quickly, you have the option of selling your car or taking an auto title loan. And the fact remains that when you have to sell your car, you need to advertise, wait for responses and then find a buyer. But when it comes to title loans, you just need to fill in an online application, get approved within minutes. The procedure includes taking your vehicle for evaluation at our office and walk-out with a check or cash and drive away in your vehicle. Now you have your car and the cash!

If you are thinking about selling your car, STOP. Instead take an auto title loan. When you borrow from Title loan Atlanta, you get the best rate and the maximum loans because we understand your financial problems. That is why we ignore your credit history, FICO score and just concentrate on the vehicle. Keeping the vehicle as collateral helps you and we ensure that the vehicle is with you because you have a job and family to take care of. We do not keep your vehicle only the title deed is turned over in the name of the lender but you get to keep the car. For us, you are a trusted member of our community, not just a number and we know that bad times can hit anyone. Thus, if you have an emergency requirement, call us now.

The best aspect of our loans is that payments can be done on a 30-day basis and you can make as many payments as you need within the timeframe. There are no hidden charges and pre-payment penalties because we want you to clear the loan as soon as possible to fit in your budget.

Why take an auto title loan?

If you are wondering why people take auto title loans, it is simple. There is no qualification, documents or credit checks that are needed. It is one of the fastest ways to get a loan and cash within your hands. It hardly takes a few minutes to get approved and walk out of the door with the cash within an hour. And you get to drive your car!

That is the reason it is so popular. You may have problem paying your rent, credit card bills or need to immediately clear emergency medical bills. So what do you do? All you need to do is call in Title Loans Atlanta service and we offer fast access to cash within 24 hours. Title Loans Atlanta is instantly pre-approved for a total sum up to $50,000 if you decide to work with us. And this no questions asked cash. We do not need to know what you want to spend it on. So whether you are taking a vacation or paying a student loan, the choice is completely yours.

Title loan Atlanta service offers

Offering a customized range of auto title loans, we are looking forward to working with you soon and can help you get:

  • Loan up to $50,000
  • Low interest rates
  • Cash in your hands same day or within 24 hours
  • No hidden charges
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • Quick-fill online application

Building credit scores with auto title loans

Another benefit of taking a car title loan is that you get a chance to build your FOCO score with ease. When you take a secure, short-term loan by putting your vehicle as collateral, and repay it within the time period, your start building your credit score. By paying it on time, you get positive feedback from the lender and that adds to the credit report. Now if you have poor credit, there are no banks or government-aided financial institutions that would approve any unsecure loans till you have a high credit score.

Due to your bad credit you may have had a tough time getting a standard bank loan and if you were not approved, it is not surprising. And that doubt can creep in about title loans Atlanta too. But rest assured you don’t have to worry at all about being eligible for auto title loans. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that title loans are known as bad credit loans. As long as you have a vehicle with a clear title in your name, you can get approved for this specific loan. Here are just a few things that we will verify and evaluate:

  • Condition of the vehicle
  • Age, model and mileage on the vehicle
  • Documents related to the vehicle insurance

All that you need to do is put your car as collateral and get the cash against the total value of the vehicle. Most of the title loan Atlanta companies offer the loan amount ranging from 25% to 50% of the vehicle’s value. We offer up to $50,000 depending upon the vehicle that you are using as collateral.

How to apply for the auto title loan

If you cannot wait another instance to apply for the loan, we are right here for assistance. You can give us a call or fill in the online form and give the relevant details about your car or other vehicle. You’ll get an email or call from our business representatives about the total loan amount you are pre-approved for and then you may bring your vehicle for inspection. And get your cash or check! It can be done the same day or within 24-hours from our Title Loan Atlanta office. With flexible payment options and customized repayments, you won’t feel the stress of paying it back and can be paid without pre-payment fees.

Regardless of whether you $1000 or $25,000, we can help you access the hidden equity on your vehicle. With a team of friendly loan officers and business representatives on call from Monday to Friday and over the weekends by appointments, you have access to the best title loan service in Atlanta.

Here are some questions and answers that we complied to help you get quick answers. However, we are always here to assist you with other queries and can help you walk through the loan process. Just give us a call now!

List of commonly asked questions

#1- Are car title loans, no credit loans and bad credit loans all the same?

Yes, they are all the same. You need to put your vehicle title as collateral to get the cash. This is a reassurance that the lender will not lose the money and you will repay as the title deed needs to be transferred in the name of the lender. There are no credit checks, financial statements needed. All that is needed is a clear title deed and your driver’s license.

#2- Can I take the maximum number of days to repay the loan?

Yes, if you are unable to pay early, you can pay within the time period. But if you are looking to save on interest rates, it is best to pay early. However, in case you are completely unable to repay, you can roll-over the loan for another term.

#3- What makes your Title loan Atlanta service the best for my quick cash requirements?

Well, we ensure that each customer has a flexible program designed for repayment to ensure your budget is not disrupted and you can pay it back as quickly as you can. Additionally, we offer comparatively low interest rates, longer repayment terms that help you save more. And we are always here to assist you through the loan processes.

#4- Does it take time to get the cash after approvals?

No. After you are approved, you can visit our office and pick up your cash or check. In addition, we can send in an electronic bank transfer. You may let us know the best way you would like to receive the money and we’ll do it accordingly.

#5- Am I approved even if I have bad credit?

Yes, it does not matter whether you have bad credit or bankruptcy on your credit report because when you are keeping your vehicle as security, you are getting a loan against its value. Bad credit and bankruptcy will not deter you from getting the loan. We are here to assist you through the complete process and ensure that you get the loan you are seeking. We’ll even help you get the best interest rate and other loan terms that work for you. In case of non-payment or default on the loan, the lender has the right to sell the vehicle to recover the dues.

#6- I am interested. Please tell me how to avail the bad credit title loan.

All you need to do is fill in the online form at this website and one of our business representatives will give you a call or you can give us a call at the number mentioned to talk with a loan officer. Additionally, you can walk into our Atlanta office and talk with a representative.

It is easy to get a title loan in Atlanta now. With years in the title loan industry, we understand all aspects of working with different customer needs and can help you at every step. Please give us a call or fill in the online application so that we can assist you with your custom requirement. Even if you are looking for quotes before taking an auto title loan, we offer great prices and flexible repayments options. Call us to know more about it. We welcome walk-ins from Monday to Friday so come on over if you are in the area.

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